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Blackwater Law Testimonial - Mr Shaw (extended)
Blackwater Law

Blackwater Law Testimonial - Mr Shaw (extended)

Previous client discusses his experience of using Blackwater Law solicitors to claim compensation for medical negligence which resulted in amputation - visit https://blackwaterlaw.co.uk to find out more. Transcript I’d been away on a camp with the army cadets; I’m an army cadet instructor, and I got myself a little blister, just a tiny one, on my left thumb. I came home from work one Friday, on the bank holiday and I’d got a really bad pain in the base of my thumb. So anyway, we went to the hospital, sat around, had a blood test done and the nurses mentioned that it could be an infection, but the doctor came in after looking at the x-rays I’d had taken, and said it was tendonitis. Insisted it was tendonitis, gave me a splint, and sent me home. That was on the Friday and that’s really the last thing I remember until possibly three weeks later when I woke up after being in a coma. I didn’t know then that I’d lost my left arm. My right arm had been opened right up to ease the swelling. I didn’t accept that I’d lost my arm to begin with. My daily activities have obviously changed immensely. I need help getting dressed and just doing simple things like showering and cleaning myself. Hobbies... I used to be an avid carp fisherman, I had to give that up. I still manage to do the army cadets, although I don’t do it to the level that I used to. I can’t shoot anymore. I manage to pretty much do a sedentary role. My career was brought to a halt. Being sent away after having a blood test, and that was ignored, I felt there was an injustice with my treatment. I needed to claim for my future really. I chose Blackwater Law straight away after just one phone call and I’ve never regretted it from that day to this. There were very personable, there were there within a couple of hours, which I thought was amazing. It was a long slow process but Jason kept us informed all the way. He arranged for rehabilitation services for me to get my life back on track. He gave Michelle some emotional support as well. If ever there was a problem or I was getting a bit frustrated with the whole process, Jason made sure that he spent time talking us through it, calming us down, letting us know that it would come to an end. It seemed like we were the only case that he was working on, and that can’t be true, but that’s how he made us feel. That we were his priority all the way through, from start to finish. Jason and the barrister together managed to get us the best possible outcome in my opinion. Our future’s settled, there’s peace of mind for our children. They spent so much time reassuring us, giving us the emotional support we needed, and absolutely 100% I would recommend Blackwater Law to anyone, even If they just need advice. Go see Blackwater Law.