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I create high quality videos for businesses and artists to help increase the coverage of your social media outreach. 

Here's a list of some of the services I offer, please get in contact with any ideas you may have.

I also can travel as far as required, so don't let my location put you off!

Promotional Videos

Offering professionalism and equipment desired to create a great promotional video about your product or business to boost your sales. Anything from shop tours, product videos and corporate testimonials to take your website and social media to the next step .

Music Video Production

I have lights, microphones, multi track recorders and multiple cameras. If you're a solo artist or band then this is the service for you. 

I can offer live recordings or overdubbed music videos. 

Event Coverage

With multiple cameras and quality microphones I can cover a range of events. From live music to corporate events and more.

Audio Engineering

I have lot's of experience with producing, recording and mixing audio for both music artists and videos. If you require an Audio Engineer for live or studio, feel free to contact me.

DOP/ Cameraman

I'm a experienced camera operator who has worked with production company's in and around Suffolk, if you require a freelance camerman for your projects please don't hesitate to contact me. My rates include supplying my own equipment if needed, you can see my current gear below.

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